Vintage steakhouse san juan cap

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The Vintage Steakhouse

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And it was very very good. Wifey gave it a big thumbs up. Grilled goat cheese was oh so good.

Final Caricatures I willingly hoped my visit to this dating. I'll definitely be back. Any latest I can get a consequence, I'm there.

Tomato was juicy, both resting on a buttered, grilled crostini. I would Vintafe this again. I ordered the Smoked Pork Chop. Bone in one inch thick perfectly cooked deliciousness. The sauce it came with sorry forgot to ask what it was not only complimented that dish, it elevated it to another level.

The steak was small and over cooked. She liked the mushroom sauce of the 3 sauces. I preferred the Cabernet. All very delicious, specially the corn slaw We had my 9 yr old niece with us and she got the Mini Burger from the kids menu. She judge the mini burgers very worthy. We sat waiting at our table for 10 minutes for service. He explained the menu and answered our questions about the wine list. It was obvious he was a professional waiter, as he was extremely knowledgeable about the menu.

San Vintage juan cap steakhouse

He explained in detail how the food was prepared and steakhoue ingredients used in each of the dishes. The Halibut was firm, moist and was a respectable sized portion. The beurre blanc sauce was rich, sweet and had a whole mouth flavor. It was served with a twice- baked potato what was soft and creamy on the inside and crusted over on the outside.

He explained that medium is the right temperature to bring the flavors out of the meat and fat, but hot enough to drain out the natural juices. It was a glorious experience. The sauces were all fantastic in flavor and it was obvious that they were fresh.

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