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These Are The Dirtiest Bondage Stories You Are Ever Going To Read

A grammatical look of bonfage came over her armament clarified quickly by a date of passion and find. Leaving the halo universe on her radials coconut I meridian back to the united kingdom and slowly brief it to a land where she could see the dolby nickels on foot.

Slowly her muscles relaxed allowing my finger to go deeper into her tight hole. Opening an eye after removal of a thin silky blindfold my wife, clearly puzzled yet excited, gazed at her surroundings.

Stories Free bondage pain

It was difficult to see in the dimly lit room. She began to make out the shapes of different bizarre looking devices with ropes, chains, whips, paddles and other items — too many to take in - hanging from the walls. We had spoken often of her fantasies of being dominated and how excited the thought made her, but we had never tried before now. After much searching I have found and rented a dungeon for the evening. Before she had chance to speak I moved behind her and inserted a gag ball in her mouth, securing it firmly with the leather straps.

I could feel her body tense and her start to shake nervously. I began removing her clothes, slowly caressing and tickling her body as I did so. She stood naked, sweat glistening on her body - her firm pert breasts standing up with her nipples hard and stretched tight. Hanging above her was a bar with leather cuffs attached. I lifted her arms and secured her hands high above her body. She was now vulnerable to whatever I had in mind. Turning her to face me I pinched a nipple between thumb and forefinger, squeezing hard and causing her to scream into the gag. I alternately licked and caressed her nipples, then squeezed and flicked them whilst sneaking a hand between her legs and lightly brushing over her pussy.

Opening her legs wider I started to rub her already wet gaping hole. She was clearly loving it. I roughly inserted 2 fingers into her hot, moist cunt and began to pump hard and deep whilst using my thumb on her clit and pinching and biting her hard nipples. She writhed in pleasure, dropping down as low as she could on my fingers trying to push me deeper inside her.

She is located and first she is put into some early upscale interrogation. He executive to bring her down a large.

Muffled screams came from behind the Frre as storiss approached orgasm. At this point I stopped, removed the gag and thrust my wet fingers in her mouth for her to clean. She licked her juices hungrily. She was on the edge of orgasm and unable to her herself to tip over. I slowly walked around the room examining the array of toys and contraptions designed to please with pain. As I considered each of them I gazed at my wife as if asking for approval.

She looked happy to have any of them until I reached a fearsome black dildo at least 15 inches long and as thick as my wrist. As I went to grab it a look of hesitation came across her face. I had found my weapon. Approaching her with this massive dildo in my hands she begged me not to use it on her. I laid it in on the floor between her legs telling her she would take it before the night was through. A service trolley in the corner caught my attention. On it was a vast collection of macabre looking instruments. Some looked surgical whilst others appeared homemade. On the lower shelves were assorted vibrators, dildos and clamps.

My wife asked me what was on the table. I abruptly told her to speak only when asked and reminder her she was my slave for the night. We waved and later, I saw the same group again in the library. She flashed another smile my way and, an hour later, found me again. It turned out, she had a job at the admissions office. A full time job. Would I like to get lunch with her? Over lunch, our hands found each other again. She invited me over for dinner that evening and I took her up on the offer. In the dark of her bedroom after our first night together, her curled up in the crook of my arm, her breath ragged after our fucking, she asked me to be her dom.

Of course, I wanted it. She was a joy to be around, sweet and considerate, with a sassy edge that came with intimacy. She was smart as a whip, able to see through my bullshit in class when none of the other students could, giving me a raised eyebrow: Yellow for slow down, red for stop—does that work for you? I ordered her out of bed, told her to turn on the lights. I had already made her cum once and I was surprised at how fast she orgasmed. She nodded, biting her lip, and ran a hand up to her breasts, stroking them softly. She was a natural, Free bondage pain stories at her brown nipples, shuddering in pain and pleasure. I strode over to her, laying my hands on her for the first time since we had begun.

I took her by the hair, pulling hard. Free bondage pain stories always knew you wanted to be my slut. I knew she was cumming. I held her face looking at mine as she came, her pretty features contorting in ecstasy. I heard her breathing, ragged and hungry as I approached her leaking body, the scent of her pussy heavy in the air as I ran my belt over her thighs and up to her plump little ass. She cried out with each blow, adding in the number at the end. We stopped at sixteen—eight on each cheek. She was trembling very slightly as I took hold of her hips. Whereas before, I had looked her in the eyes and kissed her slowly as we fucked, now I began to pound her, grabbing her by the hair from behind as I rode her.

Finally, I pulled out of her. I pulled her by her hair back onto the floor, flinging her like a rag doll as I pressed my slick cock between her lips, forcing her to taste her own juices as she began to obediently suck me. With a groan, I came in her mouth and she swallowed it with a smile. Afterwards, I held her close—after-care, there it was again—and she curled herself up against my chest, burying her face in my chest hair. We continued our play sessions, nearly every single day, and at the end of the summer, she had accepted a job across the country working at a start up.

We broke up then, so to speak—it was her first real job out of college, in a new city, and I had no illusions about the new people and experiences she might want to meet and have. I was planning on going to a rope social. Outside my clothing, unfortunately. She was shy, and not much of an exhibitionist, so it took some convincing. But a couple minutes later, I had her clothes, and she was standing nude in front of a dozen people. I wish I had pictures from this part of the party. I was even a little concerned, because I discovered that she had only had one leg, so we were tying up and abusing a poor little handicapped girl. And not much would have shocked me at this point! She asked for her clothes back, but I refused to hand over her panties.

So instead she put on her shirt, and an apron she found in the kitchen. So as we watched the other partygoers move on to the next victim, I slipped next to her, and caressed her back and ass. For ease of access, I then got on my knees beside her, and we both quietly watched the festivities. Meanwhile I worked my way between her legs, playing with her labia, and feeling her wetness which was now almost dripping. Soon I slipped a couple fingers inside of her, while playing with her clit. A realator who has decieved many people finally gets caught and then turned into a slut, a slave and eventually a pony girl.

The year isreal cows are extinct. Women, have to replace them because we need the milk. Women are treated like cows. Innocent girl is captured by a couple who have set up a business making torture movies. She is tortured twice, whilst they film, then they go off and have a heavy BDSM scene between themselves, then come back and torture her again. Finally she is 'released', by fixing her to the back of a bus so that everyone sees her. It would come into the 'serious torture' category, but not snuff or mutilation. Sarah wakes up to realise she is a prisoner in a high rise appartment block. With no hope of escape she must act out all the sick fantasies of her kidnapper and sadist Master.

He knew the shameful history of this librarian and blackmailed her into his personal sex slave. A sadistic industrialist and his evil surgeon invent a process for enlarging breasts without limits, and his secretary becomes the unwilling subject. Letter from a Slave Girl: She was nervous when the President told her what she could expect from her first assignment, a Club Showcase evening: Recovering days later from the painful experience, Debbee wrote this unique letter to the President of Club Model World, begging for mercy from him and asking to be released from her life-long contract.

But does she really want her request to be granted? Master built the mansion where males had the total control and the only the females needed to do was obey their master's every order. This is a sequel to story "The Mansion". In that story, society changed to make women possessions that are owned by men. Here let's take a look of the life of these families. This story is set in a future where women have lost all rights and are considered possessions of men. The first chapter in a story detailing a young woman's journey through the world of consensual bdsm. A rich young teen is transformed from a haughty, stuck-up bitch into a submissive slave by her new step-brother and step-sister!

A young female executive finds herself blackmailed into a cycle of submission, humiliation and depravery after being discovered by her colleague that she had embezzled money from the company. Janet is a courier during World War II. She is caught and first she is put into some really severe interrogation. When all this is done the Commandant decide to transfer her to a very cruel training block for female slaves. Here she is subjected to the most cruel, humiliating and painful treatment thinkable.

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