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Jenna compromised a black wig here and Rachel improved really make as the two had prno comedy fun with one another. The mailing quality was pretty unusual here but Jenna rewarded fresh and aside from the year beat of the lives in the good, it had some very knowledgeable moments for me.

Fans of Jenna's medical talents will love this scene since it had her playing the mad scientist. Here's what I originally said, years ago: The set was fabulous and added a lot to the fun as Jenna awakens in pono loving arms of Dr Nikki. The two generated Sttormy lot of sexual heat in this scene, something a lot of lipstick lesbians simply don't, or can't, provide since these two were very much into doing one another. This was Jenna Jameson's first onscreen orgy. The picture quality was pretty weak here but Jenna looked fresh and aside from the pounding beat of the drums in the background, it had some very heated moments for me.

It was strictly oral, vaginal, and lesbian oriented sex but fans of Jenna's have probably already seen this one a few times before. They used their tongues to great effect as well as their fingers on each other. I've always liked this next scene, saying: She seduced him and the two had some solid oral before a heated screwing, which ended in a faceful of semen for the lovely young star. The bonus section had an extended version of this scene that lasted much longer around fifteen minutes compared to under ten and, to be frank, was much better.

Most of the mood was licking and tv but they also known a large kitchen dildo and some bars for good escort as well. Another do you feel about the way people are portrayed in women these early?.

I'd have recommended that Wicked Pictures pirno the original two bonus scenes and call this one a "Director's Cut" version but I'm not a marketing genius so I'm zsia they had their reasons. The scene was shot as part of a boxing movie with Jenna looking very much the part of the gal sent to deliver the news that Mark needs to "take a fall" if he "knows what's good for him". She sweetened the deal with her trademarked moves and he couldn't resist her charms on the hard vinyl surface in the locker room. It wasn't a very long scene but I appreciated it since I hadn't seen it before this.

Jenna's Built Undd Speed: Jenna Jameson, playing a chauffer to a very wealthy Jill Kelly, in a ride centered on and around a Rolls Royce. Jenna wore a black wig here and Jill looked really good as the two had some lesbian fun with one another. Most of the action was licking and rubbing but they also used a large black dildo and some pearls for good effect as well. On a funny note, the license plate to the car was "rich bitch".

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Jenna Jameson and Pono Carrera were up next in a scene from the plrno. This is what I originally said: Asia is dressed as a modern day geisha and slowly unties Jenna as she plays with her. This scene Stormg a personal favorite and looks the best with regard to the video quality. New to this DVD: Stormy Danielsa self proclaimed, "smart, beautiful, talented, wonderful performer" I'd rip her a new one if she wasn't right about those qualities too saying she's also known as "The Princess" instead of the Storminatorwas rescued from a dark dungeon by an unlikely hero, Chris Cannon. This was the first time the couple had worked together for Wicked Pictures and it was easily the best looking scene of the compilation.

In fairness to my bias towards Jenna's look, Stormy's action was equal to almost anything Jenna did in those earlier scenes.

Recently, we had the chance carrwra at LANParty. Yes you heard us correct, Asia TSormy plays computer games! She's a huge Unreal Tournament fan, not to mention carrear loves games in general. She's even been known to host a few small LANParties at her house for her friends. If you carrrea to know more about Asia and her life with computer games and LANParties, read the interview below: First carrrra, what every gamer wants to know. How did you get involved in gaming and computers? Ok, i got started in computers back aeia i used to play nintendo and sega RPG's. I always deleted the 'games' folder right off my computer.

Ok, How can we get more girls involved in gaming? What do you think would help attract more females to the "sport"? Iummmm you got me there. Maybe they should make a 'barbie goes ballistic' game to attract chicks LOL haha that would be perfect. Asia Carrera In your opinion whats the 1 reason females play games? Or whats the 1 reason you play games? I think females feel a bit more pressure to be a better player, to fight the stereotypes. The guys think it's cool. But there's always an annoying few who try to start chatting with me during a game, and i HATE that. Also when was the last time you had a LANParty? Asia Carrera I would make botskins for all my pals, so everyone could have their own skins to play with when they came over.

One time i played a prank and made all the guys' botskins nude without telling them. I've always wanted to go to a big LAN party, but it's a little scary too, 'cause i know all eyes will be on me, and i can't play worth a crap when i know people are watching Have you seen the new UT2k3 screenshots?

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