Bdsm hypnosis punishment audio

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Erotic Hypnosis

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Hypnosis punishment audio Bdsm

I then give the listener suggestions that their interaction with me is completely normal and that they should schedule another appoint for next week. For this recording the listener is only allowed to edge and they are not permitted to have an orgasm or anally stimulate their self. The figure is their guardian angel but they have become corrupted and they are angry with the listener for all the effort they have to put forth in keeping them safe. In this recording their are suggestions to feel aroused while being brainwashed by the crystal to interfere with the listener's ability to resist.

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I eventually sit at a park bench and make my pet masturbate to orgasm in public for my amusement before I guide my pet back up towards consciousness. The listener is instructed to punnishment the people in the park and only focus on me Bfsm is punidhment suggestions to feel happy and proud being my pet. There are 3 versions of this file, a short version with a plain vocal intro and wake up commands at the end, a 33 minute version that is loop-able with no wake up commands, and a 55 minute version that is loop-able with no wake up commands. There is no wake up command at the end of this recording so you can use this file as part of a playlist or just use it to relax and then wake up when you want to.

There are instructions to masturbate, edge, and finally orgasm in this recording.

This recording makes you feel arousal and a desire auudio masturbate but does not allow you to. The listener is then merged with this future version of their self and given suggestions to be happy being horny and denied, in trance and in their daily life. This recording contains suggestions to listen to another recording afterwards and there are no commands to orgasm during this recording.

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