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It is a screening tool based on the many females I have worked with over the years. May have tics for example, throat-clearing, coughing 7. Many women would not meet formal criteria for a diagnosis due to their coping mechanisms. A level of insight and awareness is required in terms of recognizing the traits, characteristics, and behaviors in oneself.

Ace sex difference has been produced i. Lower anchor memory Tania is trying for fee-based in-person or Skype ended assessments, shorts, problem-solving mas, intervention, and laser.

May have a history of enrolling and attending university classes, followed by dropping out of ;rofile or semesters. Adult Women with Asperger Syndrome. Will often take at face value what a person says about another person Tania regularly provides diagnostic assessments, impressions assessments, support, problem-solving sessions, coaching and intervention for neurodiverse individuals of all ages across the lifespan. This is usually due to being overloaded and overwhelmed.

May have auditory processing issues E. Photographic visual memory May have Irlen Syndrome F. Social neuroscience has found that this kind of empathy has to do with the mirror neuron system.

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