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Another way of targeting the adult population in addition to the youth is through proactive training searh general practitioners and other health professionals to impart crucial knowledge at a primary care level that evidently a considerable proportion of the Indian adult population lacks. People of all ages call the confidential helpline seeking information about sexual anatomy and physiology, counseling and referrals regarding sexuality and reproductive health issues.

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This applies to a quarter of India's young people who indulge in premarital sex. The recent revision to the WAS Declaration of Sexual Rights emphasizes the need at statement 10 - The right to education and the right to comprehensive sexuality education that everyone has the right to education and to comprehensive sexuality education. According to the United Nations Human Rights Council Report by not providing sex education, this violates the human rights of Indian adolescents and young people as recognized under international law. Some opponents argue that sex education has no place in a country such as India with its rich cultural traditions and ethos.

Primarily, during adolescence movue years its provision is a crucial preventative tool, as mmpeg is the opportune time when young people experience developmental changes in their physiology and behavior as they enter adulthood. This could be owing to the lack of knowledge of scientific evidence along sesrch the gross unpreparedness of the public health system. Therefore, meeting the needs of such a vulnerable group and overcoming existing shortcomings in the delivery of tailored primary preventative measures would significantly improve the survival and general health conditions, nutritional status, and sexual and reproductive health of the future Indian adult population.

This illustrates how queries do not only arise as a result of teenage experimentation, but sexuality information is also needed for those who are older and have spouses and careers and children. They were left to resort to information they gather from books, magazines, youth counselors, and through pornography, with its increasing accessibility in recent times.

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By helping bring Xsx topics into discussions through the powerful mediums of television, radio, and the internet, it has allowed recognition mvie the urgent need to address the misinformed or uninformed youth. This includes information about the spread of the disease, contraception, and sexual health screening tests. Sexual health is considered to be a state of physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being in relation to sexuality and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity as defined by the WHO.

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