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She locates heroism in the quotidian, among the overlooked. I was probably there for five weeks over the space of three years. It feels like there was a lot of material for you to work with, especially photographs. How long did you spend shooting all of your cutaways?

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When I looked into it, there was only one article on Jimmy Ellis on the internet written by Mike Ztar who appears in the film. But with Orion I thought it would be a mix of the two things. That three way fantasy was held in place in the flimsiest of ways. The films take so long. So it felt like magic - like something I could do.

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It could be in a David Lynch film easily. It was shot in a shar installation called Submergence in the Lux gallery, Oslo. Orion happened pre-Google so it was a word of mouth thing. But despite featuring plenty of archive material and talking head interviews with dozens of music industry figures, a story started to circulate that the film itself was a hoax.

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