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If we were to start messing with that, we would lose the loyal readers that have made this site Lexbians number one review site online today. Compulsory Lsbians is still alive and well. It matters, for those of us who are completely invisible, to see that people like us exist. But I also feel that if not being attracted to someone causes you to ignore their subjectivity and agency, then that is a personal problem that not everyone else has. I am sick and fucking tired of people who want to throw people under the bus in the hopes of appeasing assholes. I think this is a silly argument.

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Each review is based on these criteria. RabbitsReviews has amassed the largest collection of complete reviews online. There's no getting around that fact. First of all, there is nothing in that description that implies the woman is having sex with men at all.

We are porn fans, first and foremost, so you can count on us to do what's right when we publish a review. The site was launched in by Rabbit, a college student who had been a member of numerous adult websites. It won't be removed.

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