Waterproof amateur radio

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waterproof ham radio

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Please ardio the difference between waterproof and water resistant, and make wise choices radjo on research. New hams should try and focus on features of radios that are meaningful when selecting among competitive offerings. I have heard hours of tales of woe about the Kenwood F6 and all the Yaesus from newbies, for example, because people grew enamored with some meaningless bauble and ignored basic functionality. OK Steve, the only reply with an answer was yours.

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You mean the only reply with a ridiculous answer. Seems you can't read too well--and you don't know how to treat people either. Why don't you take your kayak and your marine radio and go down the river with the thing flipped over and see how long the radio stays 'waterproof'. Chris Sorry, I did answer his question, in my very first post. The guy asked what radios besides the VX-7 were waterproof, and I answered: That was the one that came up first when I looked. He asked, I answered; no one else did or has. Maybe there are other such radios.

Amateur radio Waterproof

We'll have to agree to disagree on my sense of humor, and my opinion that I would not pay extra for a ham radio that's waterproof. If I think I'm going to get dunked, I'll either protect the radios as I would any other electronics, or, not take it with me. At least we agree on one thing, there really aren't any water'proof' radios, just water resistant ones. A minimum number of key buttons on the front control panel, for safer operation during motor sports activities.

radko A high quality 1. Incredibly versatile vehicle mounting options. The detachable Front Control can even be mounted on a motorcycle handlebar using the optional MMB-M11 multi-angle bracket. Waterproof at 3ft 1m for 30 minutes and protection against dust. AF Dual Monitor Function: Listen to your favorite AM or FM stereo broadcast station, and monitor an amateur band at the same time. In an emergency the message can be communicate Industry 1st - Bluetooth accessories coming soon!

High power 8-watt PA communications with raxio speaker A high quality 1. The radio is equipped with a high power 8-watt audio amplifier, and a PA function for noisy outdoor environment operation with the optional, moisture and dust protected MLSM10 external loudspeaker s. The Smart Key features: MONI- Disables the noise squelch to hear weak signals.

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