Female orgasm screams

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Screaming Orgasm Compilation

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Evidence to suggest that copulatory vocalizations in women are not a orgazm consequence of orgasm. Journal of Sex Research, 41, Their primary question was whether such vocalizations were an involuntary reflex of orgasm or associated with orgasmor whether they were independent of the act of reaching climax. Oral sex was the third most likely way to achieve orgasm, followed by the way women least frequently achieve orgasm — penetration by a man. This is in keeping with the idea that we all have sexual scripts in our head of both our idealized sexual encounter, as well as what we believe our partners want: According to this study, whether they know it or not, women appear to vocalize during sex not to express their own enjoyment so much as to help the man reach climax.

Orgasm screams Female

Maybe these vocalizations are a part of that idealized sexual Fejale, or at least done in response to what women believe their male partner wants. Related Articles John M. Discordance and Misperceptions Within Heterosexual Couples.

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