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Ask want They ljck agree What will pusssie About out are able Do like boobs? However, at first, he seemed much more interested in my pubic hair and lower stomach Using long, slow strokes, he spent at least Women lick own pussie minutes licking my pubic hair and lower stomach. I was reclining on my elbows while he licked me. Then he suddenly stopped, turned around and started walking around the room, sniffing this and that. Then when I sat back up, he imediately came towards me. After licking my face, he suddenly just stuck his head right between my legs and began licking my pussy. I then reclined slightly back on my hands and spread my knees apart.

He seemed to have discovered my clit because he began aggressively licking it. He actually cocked his head sideways in order to get a better angle. I responded by lifting one foot up onto the bed and spreading my legs wide apart. He then continued licking my clit very aggressively. He was really going now. I could clearly hear, as well as feel his tongue slopping around my pussy. This felt very good, and I began breathing a little harder and even moaned a couple of times. He then tilted his head in yet another direction and got even deeper into my pussy. At one point, he actually started chewing on my vaginal lips.

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Surprised, I quickly sat up and pushed him away with my hand. He then just flopped to the ground. I sat on the bed for several more minutes, just in case he wanted more. Sure enough, he quickly got back up and again put his head between my legs. After a few more licks, he once again began biting my lips. However, by putting my hand over my pussy when he did this, he soon Women lick own pussie that if he wanted to continue licking me, the biting would have to stop. Although some of the bites did hurt, for the most part it was rather pleasurable. Eventually, he once again stopped and flopped to the floor panting heavily.

My pubic hair was all wet and matted, so I stood up to go the bathroom to clean myself off, but as soon as I did, he got up and once again stuck his nose between my legs and began licking me again. I let him lick me while standing for a minute or two, and then I again sat down on the edge of the bed. I rested my right leg on his back while he licked me. His continual licking began to have an effect on me, I could feel minor contractions. I must have been really lubricating, because his tongue was licking every inch of my pussy. I could feel him licking between the folds of my lips. This went on for at least 20 min.

Then he iwn got tired and stopped. After waiting several min to see if he would resume, I got up and noticed a large stain on the edge of the bed. Later that day, I once again called him into my room. This time I let him lick my pussy from behind. Again, he chewed on my lips.

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In this position however It was much more pleasurable. He was able to get his snout deeper into me. He would also work his way up all the way to my ass.

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