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Vaginal lubrication

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However, occasionally vaginal dryness is caused by more serious problems like certain cancers and immune disorders.

Lubrication pics Vaginal

This is why it's important to see a doctor quickly if you notice any changes as for these types of diseases early intervention is important. In can lubrocation to vaginal dryness, in addition to other symptoms like dry eyes and a dry Vagginal. Your doctor lubrictaion perform a blood test to see if you have Sjogren's Syndrome. If you're entering menopause, hormonal Vaginak therapy HRT can ease many symptoms including vaginal dryness. Not only can hormone replacement therapy improve vaginal dryness, it can help with other symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes. Usually, you would wear a patch or take oral tablets of low doses of estrogen and other hormones that your body produces less of as you enter menopause.

Oral combined hormone pills that contain estrogen and progesterone have shown to increase the risk of breast cancer, heart attack, and stroke. Talk to your doctor about these risk factors and how they might apply to you. An estrogen ring is a form of hormone replacement therapy that many women find easier to use than pills. Your gynecologist inserts a small, flexible ring into the upper part of your vagina. The ring will release doses of estrogen on a regular schedule.

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It will need to be replaced every three months. Oftentimes, vaginal dryness is a side effect of existing medication. Decongestants especially, found in many cold or allergy medications, can lead to vaginal dryness. If you believe your dryness is caused by your medications, talk to your doctor about alternative meds.

Vaginal lubrication pics you're interested in less drug-heavy treatment options, there are a variety of homeopathic options that are successful for some women. Soybeans contain a substance called isoflavones that has an effect on the body that's similar to estrogen. A soybean rich diet might help reduce vaginal dryness. Some women experience side effects like joint pain, shortness of breath, dizziness, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. You should not use black cohosh if you have liver damage or a hormone-sensitive condition like certain cancers or fibroid tumors. You should also not take black cohosh if you're pregnant. Talk to your health care provider before you begin any herbal treatments to make sure the herbs are safe for you.

Cleansing your vagina with a liquid preparation, store bought or homemade, disrupts the balance of chemicals in your vagina and can lead to dryness and possibly infections. Do not douche as the vagina has self-cleaning mechanisms and does not need additional washing. Foreplay is any activity, like massaging, cuddling, kissing, oral sex, and other forms of erotic play, that occurs prior to sexual intercourse. Increasing the amount of time you and your partner engage in foreplay can increase arousal and therefore limit vaginal dryness. Talk to your partner about any issues you've been having with vaginal dryness and ask him or her to allow for more foreplay during intercourse. This may help lessen the problem.

In general, having an active sex life in general can help you stay lubricated and avoid vaginal dryness. Talk to your partner about the importance of regular sexual activity as it applies to both the physical and emotional aspects of your relationship. Certain medications, including some over-the-counter antihistaminesas well as life events such as pregnancy, lactationmenopauseaging or diseases such as diabeteswill inhibit lubrication. Medicines with anticholinergic or sympathomimetic effects will dry out the mucosal or "wet" tissues of the vagina. Such medicines include many common drugs for allergenic, cardiovascular, psychiatric, and other medical conditions.

Oral contraceptives may also increase or decrease vaginal lubrication.

Older women pcs less vaginal lubrication and reduced estrogen levels may be associated with increased vaginal dryness. Personal lubricant When a woman is experiencing vaginal dryness before sexual activity, sexual intercourse may be uncomfortable or painful for her. A lubrjcation lubricant can be picss to the vaginal opening, the penis, or both, to augment the naturally produced lubrication and prevent or reduce the discomfort or pain. More rarely, a vaginal suppository may be inserted prior to intercourse. Oil-based lubricants can weaken latex and reduce the effectiveness of condomslatex glovesor dental dams as either forms of birth control or for protection from sexually transmitted diseases, so water- or silicone-based lubricants are often used instead.

The use of an artificial lubricant can make sexual intercourse less painful for a woman, but does not address the underlying cause of the vaginal dryness itself.

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