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It is against the law to own an exotic animal without a license in Oregon.

Harassment, witchhunts, personal attacks and threats are bannable offenses. Rick and Morty chat: Eugene Police Department A married Oregon pet shop worker paid a prostitute with cash from a Girl Scout donation jar and tipped the sex worker for her services with a small exotic primate, police said. Please report any concerning behavior to the mods. Eugene Police Department Officials arrested McClain two days later when he was observed exiting a porn shop allegedly under the influence of methamphetamine.

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Nathan Allen McClain was charged with soliciting a prostitute. Gooey was located on March 17 when authorities interviewed an out-of-town prostitute who had the primate. He was released from jail and interviewed aith detectives on March 21 about the pet shop break-ins. Email Gooey, a Galago primate, was recovered from a prostitute. Stuff you saw IRL that reminds you of something you saw from Rick and Morty Any memes, shitposts, captionposts, etc Pickles, tiny food, blue smiley faces That stock-art Pizza Man logo Some chicken nuggets you found on the floor Szechuan Sauce, The word "Szechuan" that you saw somewhere - perhaps on a Chinese Restaurant sign or menu Captionposts exceptions to be made for certain holidays and special events like cons and official events Break the cycle.

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Other NSFW content should be tagged. Follow reddiquette when posting. The prostitute told police that McClain paid her with money taken from the pet store, including cash stolen from a Girl Scouts donation jar.

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