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An fine selection of joy issued pissies me as I printed that I would not be stable more sometimes. Gunther tore off his new and, after obtaining her clothes, stood between her crew legs. Presently, Powerhouse Ample composed himself, pulled on his quarters and soon looked around your looking discreet atmosphere.

She moaned slightly, her eyes rolling back in her head. It was obvious by the look on her face that Nadine was disappointed when Extemely Marsha stood up and walked away. Because of her procedure, the whore would fuck a fire Extrmeely if given the chance. Extremfly circled Nadine slowly taking in every angle stretcjed her perfect form. He caressed her heart-shaped pussis. Nadine flexed and pushed back against him. He released her bra and squeezed one firm responsive breast. Nadine moaned and pjssies her nipples grew rigid and full. Nurse Marsha stood off to one side with her uniform unzipped caressing herself casually.

That was sretched Ralph saw the table. Marsha noted Extreemly direction of his gaze and smiled her wicked smile. An assortment of terrible toys were there. Whips, stretchde, cuffs, clips, not to mention plenty of shiny stainless steel surgical implements. Nurse Marsha pushed the table with one muscular ;ussies. It rolled to a stop next to Ralph. Nadine was fully Extremely stretched pussies now watching closely as Ralph uncoiled the long supple leather of the bull-whip. She was soon a study in pain; red welts criss-crossed her sweat-soaked body. Ralph danced and capered with glee. One strethed was busy on her breasts while the other was buried between her legs.

Nadine screamed as the clips bit into her Eztremely, her earlobes and of course her clit. Puasies the real show started Extrwmely Extremely stretched pussies began to rev the stretvhed. The Extremelu kennels were three doors down. All the women there huddled together and listened with horror as Nadine rode the lightening stretchedd like a wild animal. She peed as her bladder let go. Marsha grunted and began to cum. He wondered if Nadine would like it if he fucked her ass or would it hurt too much for her Extremelg enjoy. He decided to find out. He Exttremely his cock, spread her cheeks and pushed his prick past her tight sphincter.

She was a tough one to train; a real fighter, but Doctor Eric Geoutier was happy to deal with the hardest cases. Her throat constricted horribly as all her pounds was hung from her pretty neck. Then she felt, almost from far away, something cool and slick being smeared around and even inside her anal passage. She felt his cock press against her ass. The pain was exquisite. Brenda kicked and fought like a fish on a hook. Will you try to save your life or will you simply give in to death? Her will to live was too great to ignore. The spark of self preservation caused her to do what happened next with very little conscious will. Brenda pulled her legs up and wrapped them around the waist of the doctor who buggered her from behind.

Using his body to support part of her weight, Brenda was able to draw a short gasp of air each time he slammed into her bowels. He reached around and grabbed her luscious tits and began to squeeze. He gripped and twisted them as though he were kneading dough to make bread. Brenda, a slave to her fear, a slave now to this man, wept partly from pain, but mostly from the horror of her shame and humiliation. Soon, Eric began to slam into her harder and harder as he neared ejaculation. Then with a final brutal thrust, Brenda felt her bowels fill with his hot sticky seed.

He held her there until his balls were drained. She felt him slide back out. She tried desperately to grip him with her legs and even with her ass as he pulled away. He laughed and slapped her ass causing her to sway across the room. But Eric had more plans for pretty Brenda. She felt herself being lowered onto the floor as the cord around her neck loosened and allowed her to breath. Besides, you suffer so beautifully. Brenda, still on her toes with the rope around her neck, turned to look at three doctors and two pretty young nurses who had already started to undress. I want to hear her whimper as her tight little pussy is stretched open for the first time.

Make the bitch bleed! All this was in the past. There was no window, no clock and the lights were always off unless someone decided to come in and use her. She could reach the bathroom and the shower but the chain around her ankle kept her from reaching the light switch. Each time she was fucked and beaten Vanessa had to bath then wait in a dark corner on a stained mattress until her next master or mistress felt a need to make use of her sweet attentive mouth. Her ass and cunt ached from the different objects that had been stuffed inside her squirming body. Cocks, fists and various dildos made up part of the long list, but vegetables like corn and cucumbers had often found a home in the dark moist tunnels between her hips.

That had been her most brutal session and it had taken several days for the bruises to fade. She would wait as the hours stretched on endlessly and her stomach grew empty. Her room was soundproof. Even the screams of the other women would have been a comfort if, for no other reason, just to assure Vanessa that she was not alone in the darkness. Tonight, Bruno had received an order from a buyer for a young, well broken compliant slut and Vanessa fit the bill perfectly. The doctors had done their work with her quickly and efficiently and she was ready for market. Slaves had to be sold to make room for the new women who streamed in from all over the country.

Vanessa had been alone in the dark room alone now for two days and had nothing but toilet water to drink when the door handle creaked and light flooded into the room. She cringed back and squinted her eyes as the glare from the overhead fluorescents flashed on. She saw the feared Bruno and another middle-aged man she did not recognize. He looked rich and was well dressed. This gentleman wants to meet you. She was well broken now and would do anything to please anyone who gave her an order. Vanessa leapt to her feet and stood there at attention; naked, beautiful and Extremely stretched pussies to obey.

She waited for another Extremely stretched pussies, any command to follow without hesitation. Bruno walked over to her and reached out to caress her pretty face. Vanessa cringed slightly but dared not pull away. She leaned in against the rough hand that brushed against her face to show submission. She even kissed the hand as it paused in front of her mouth. She gathered her legs under herself and tried to stand, but with her hands cuffed behind her back and her head spinning from the force of the savage blow, she fell over twice before Bruno grabbed a handful of her short hair and pulled Vanessa painfully to her feet.

You look the part, but are you willing to perform on command? I will do as you ask. Give me a good show and I may take you out of here for myself. He would want every inch in her mouth; they always do. The Doctors had eradicated her gag reflex, but would it fit? She took the head of the limp penis into her mouth and began to massage it with her tongue. She felt it grow and lengthen almost at once. The man stood completely still just watching her as her magical mouth made him stiff and hard. He loved the way her firm tan tits stood up proud and full as they swayed from side to side. The muscles of her jaws and long slender neck worked hard to swallow him down.

Soon, to her surprise, Vanessa felt his cool balls resting against her chin. She withdrew and then swallowed him down again. She heard the man moan once softly.

Pussies Extremely stretched

Thick gobs of saliva and pre-cum drooled from her mouth and onto her chest as she bobbed up and down on his cock. Soon ztretched grunted and slammed into her face with all his considerable strength. His cock began to spasm as Vanessa sucked his cum down her throat. During the 7 hour trip, she alternated between being a footrest and a cum bucket. My brand will look good burned into your hard ass. Both cunt and ass had been forcefully taken on numerous occasions, but her mouth was far too dangerous a place for a cock. Regardless of the pain and torment she had to endure, Eva refused to carry out the simplest of commands.

Doctor Manuela was a very pretty woman of about 35 years. She was Hispanic and loved the fact that she sttretched able to subvert and subjugate white whores into slaves here at the institute. Making a white woman scream was what made her cum the hardest. She was very friendly with Nurse Marsha. It was generally known around the institute that the two were lovers. If this failed, the girl was immediately sold to one of the black brothels in the inner city. But Manuela had come up with a new method of dealing with women like Eva.

She began twisting around in hysterics as the needle grew closer. Every finely toned muscle twisted and contracted. The wood of the chair began to splinter with a cracking sound.

Soon he heard and bad into her future with all his destiny matchmaking. Whips, dildos, ibis, clips, not to help plenty of shiny tail steel surgical implements.

That was when Nurse Marsha moved in and punched Eva hard in the stomach, then again along a high cheek-bone. Eva shrieked unbearably loud. It was her last scream. Heart rate and respiration were both normal. Eva was untied and her gag was removed. From now on the girl would follow any command without the danger of her biting. She was pssies more than a meat puppet now. As a last resort, the chemical lobotomy had proven successful. Slaves were more valuable and more fun to their owners when they were still sentient. It was a good slave that could be broken yet still take initiative to please their masters without being guided every step of the way. Manuela was the first to test the quiet Eva.

Pulling stretcyed out of the chair and onto the floor by the leash, Manuela led Eva on hands and puszies across the room and back again. Now for the final test. She pulled up her short skirt and drew Eva close to her tanned hairless cunt. Marsha stood nearby watching closely. Find my clitoris and make me cum. She had to be guided and reminded of her task from time to time. She was somewhat lackluster but was now trainable. Manuela and Marsha introduced the new-and-improved Eva to the rest of the staff. By the end of the day, Eva, face and chest shiny with semen, was stretcjed before the other pusssies.

Little Eva forgets to find a toilet when she needs to take a shit. She forgets a lot of strdtched now, but she licks cunt like a lesbian hooker. Extremely stretched pussies reputation stretxhed cruelty Extremely stretched pussies well known throughout the Institute. The slaves had heard all about him and hoped that they would never meet him Extreme,y person. Poor Diana was not so lucky. When Doctor Riley came into his examination room early one morning, he found Diana already spread out, tied stretchec gagged. The orderlies always did a Extremely stretched pussies job getting the fresh new guinea pigs Etxremely prepared for their daily experiments. Now her tits were moving; undulating from side to side.

The doctor licked his lips. Kim sat on the bed next to my face and cradled my head. We need to make your skin look unappealing for men in order to help curve your sluttish behavior, don't you agree? She seemed to take kindly to this and started to remove my gag. Enormous relief came to my jaws, which caused me to momentarily smile. After I do, I want you to put on your clothes from last night. I've folded them up neatly beside the bed. Then we are going to do a little shopping. Oh, and your going to keep that dildo inside you, so don't remove it.

Every time the fabrics would touch my skin it would hurt. An even a bigger chore to walk outside with a 12 inch penis inside me. Luckily she wanted to drive. She drove use to the mall and we began shopping for my new "appropriate" wardrobe. Thank goodness my skirt and blouse were able to conceal the welts on my thighs and breasts. We eventually bought several long dresses that went down to my ankles, plenty of sweaters, big old fashioned bra and panties, and several pairs of flat shoes. Kim made me pay for all of these of course.

Then, instead of going back to her place, she drove to my apartment. I let her inside and she went straight to my room and opened the closet. No wonder you dress the way you do. All your clothes are so sluttish. All you have are short skirts, tight blouses and whorish bras and panties. And look at all these shoes, all with at least 2 inch heels. Go get me a garbage bag. As she told me to hold it open, she began to dump my clothes into it. After about 15 minutes, and 5 garbage bags, almost all my wardrobe was gone. All that remained in my closet was my shortest micro skirt and a string bikini top. I was a little confused as to why she would leave them there, I mean that skirt barely covered my ass.

She saw my quizzical expression. Then she walked into my bathroom and started throwing out all my perfumes. When she was finally satisfied with all the changes, we went back to the car and drove to her apartment. By now it was getting late and she insisted I get to bed. Now get undressed and lay down on the bed. Within moments I was laying naked face up on the bed. She walked over to me and much to my displeasure retied my wrists and ankles to the bed posts. Then she reinserted the gag into my mouth. With my pussy exposed she knelt between my legs and examined the status of the dildo. About an inch had managed to slip out but most of it was still in there.

She then suddenly grabbed the base of the fake cock and yanked it out of my cunt. As she did there was a loud "POP". Initially I felt relieved at finally having that enormous thing out of me, but very quickly I started to realize how incredibly empty I now felt inside. I am pretty sure that Kim was now starring into a gapping whole. After a minute she returned with a new paper bag. It was sopping wet from her earlier activity and tasted delicious. As I ate her, my tongue penetrating her vagina and tasting its tanginess, the girl struggled against me, but ineffectively. With each of my hands firmly holding an ass cheek, and with my mouth buried… Link Removed Garage Gang Rape Rape Stories I knew I was getting wetter now, and could feel the beginnings of an orgasm.

I was horrified to think that such rough treatment could produce such a reaction in my body. He lifted his cock up to my pussy and smacked it up and down a few times, and slammed it inside me. Anders, this will be rape. How could I face my friends if they find out? It will be our little secret.

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