Vintage candy wedding favors

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Vintage Wedding Candy Bar

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Please enter a valid email address Subscribe. Read favore questions and find out, is your love meant to be? Aguilar suggested these five steps tips for making your own inexpensive, truffle wedding favors: Your aim is to please your guests, say thank you and make a memorable impression. Chocolate-Dipped Candy Nothing is more exquisite and luxurious than a strawberry dipped in chocolate.

Brass women can take the koufeta expressly to place under my pillows and communicate of a burnt husband. The zag is a more harmless wedding date your guests are known to love.

Truffles Truffles are a popular growing trend in wedding favors. Are We Meant To Be? Pixy Stix and fruit-stripe gum, bubblegum cigars and candy cigarettes… all of these choices serve to pull in a little nostalgia to your wedding reception. You should see it in your inbox very soon.

Favors wedding Vintage candy

Weddinf your wedding colors also include pink, Good and Plenty licorice bits would look stunning. Thanks for signing up for our newsletter! Choose saltwater taffy for turn-of-the-century years, Cherry Mash from the s and Boston Baked Beans from the s. Your choice of candy wedding favors is a win-win situation.

Package them for each guest, or take advantage of their bright, metallic wrappings and make chocolate-kiss bouquets as your table centerpieces. Unmarried women can take the koufeta home to place under their pillows and dream of a future husband. That and our Pappy grabbed the shotgun and threatened to shoot the Hatfield cur that touched his daughter.

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