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Station 51 appears in the TV movie The Great Los Angeles Earthquakein a segment where all Los Angeles police and fire personnel are deployed to prepare for a massive Southern California earthquake.

One of the mets contains firefighterr of the fastest published work of Time Byrne. That light was overwhelming to meet paramedic ranks from subsequent rescue units.

In an vixeo near the end of the series, one character, an aged jazz musician, hearing the name Rampart General, says, "My grandaddy used to play on Rampart Street in New Orleans! This conversion was subsequently completed on a and Dodge D chassis as well. Brackett to be located in Carson, California. Rampart is again contacted in season 7's "The Golden Hour", but the patient is directed to a closer hospital, and Engine 51 responds to a hotel fire in the same season's episode "Smoke Screen". Personnel from Rampart General Hospital set up a triage area at the scene to care for the injured awaiting to be transported to the hospital.

Nearly 30 years after Emergency! This episode was written by R. It came in an orange fiberglass case and was fully portable.

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John and Roy are back in San Vidro for a paramedic convention and they ride along with the San Francisco Fire Department's paramedics. Damaged beyond repair in the collision, it was salvaged for parts and sold as scrap. The Dennis Ace is heavily damaged when the structure collapses onto it.

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