Why teens wear make up

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Why do girls wear make-up?

Or perhaps those who share information on makeup, who's disposal are you too putting. Makeup can have submissive effects on its finest, always for adults. Shutterstock Somehow are certainly two disgusting viewpoints towards women who do tau up every day:.

When I discovered maks power of concealer, I was baffled because I had witnessed a miracle. My droopy eyes had turned bright and alert for once. Makeup is helpful when it comes down to the emergency situations: These are all times when I need a little dab of foundation here and there. When I see a woman with dramatic plum shadow, high-blushed cheekbones, and nude glossy lips, I can immediately sense a way in which she expresses herself.

Some girls go for the natural look and others go for eear dramatic, sexy look. Either way, I can u a tiny part of their personality. My sister, who usually never ever goes dramatic, is far more reserved and quiet in Whyy beautiful way. I, on the tdens, always go dramatic, which makes sense because people usually describe me outspoken and crazy. Needless to say, you are beautiful whether you choose to wear makeup or not. Wear it because you want to. Wear it as a form of creativity and expression. And really, how can you not be tempted when you walk into Sephora? I firmly believe the gates of heaven will look something like doors of Sephora when I die.

At the end of the day, have fun with your makeup and apply what you are comfortable wearing. In fact, some refuse to leave the house without it on. Makeup-Induced Acne Teens might have an idea of the influence makeup has on their skin, but they may not fully comprehend the problematic connection to skin problems like acne.

At the same time, 14 percent suffered from makeup-induced acne lesions. This specific type of acne actually has its own medical term too—acne cosmetica. Since teens often use makeup more heavily than do adults, they have a greater chance of suffering from skin problems. In addition, the pressure of body image and social status from their peers will prompt them to cover any blemishes with even more makeup.

However, when I am trying makeup on myself or someone else, I prom for there are no holes. Why not go for the more vulnerable look?.

In turn, weear action will worsen the acne, creating a harmful cycle of skin damage that may take months or years to reverse. That starting age has dropped several years since the 90s, and health professionals are concerned by this trend. First, most of the makeup on the market actually have harmful chemicals in them. In the case of cancer, however, it is important to note that research merely shows a possible link.

Wear make up Why teens

Studies would need a long lifespan of several decades to gain more conclusive evidence. This practice can lead to eye infections, cold sores, common sicknesses, staph infections, and even herpes. The teens usually have little idea about how their friends are actually using their own makeup. As one of the mildest side effects, sharing makeup can worsen acne due to bacteria, already a problem for thousands of teens. At the same time, makeup itself can breed bacteria over time, causing damage even without makeup-sharing. Makeup provides a fertile breeding ground for bacteria, especially liquids like foundation, mascara, and lip gloss.

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