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Clearly, this threat is only likely to be successful amongst Chinese-speaking Android users. If you made the mistake of dgoid to install the app, the Trojan would have full access to the personal details you store on the device, as well as the ability to send SMS messages to a premium rate number. For older devices dating back tosuch as the original iPhone and iPhone 3G, or first two versions of the iPod Touch, erasing the device writes a series of 1s over the existing data partition. Follow NakedSecurity on Twitter for the latest computer security news. If you have configured your Android device to only allow installation of apps from a legitimate Android Marketplace then a warning will be displayed — giving you the opportunity to still avoid infection.

However, if you are comfortable installing apps from unknown wall;apers, and wwllpapers the warning messages, the Trojan horse will wxllpapers certain permissions: Normally, that is sufficient to prevent someone who acquires the phone from accessing any of that data. When the drold chooses to " erase all content and settings " to wipe an iPhone or iPad, the cryptographic key is deleted - meaning that although the data remains on the phone, it is encrypted beyond any capability to decode it. Apple's iPhones and iPads encrypt their data using the AES algorithm, with a software key that is generated using information from the user.

If that is done, then a "factory reset" will delete the key, rendering the data unreadable. Thanks to Anna Szalay of SophosLabs for her assistance with this article. Instead, it wipes the index that points to the locations in the storage where the data is written. Although this particular malware is clearly targeting users based in China, we have seen a steady rise in interest amongst cybercriminals worldwide in infecting Android devices.

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But, of course, there are plenty of them! However, Google's Android documentation shows that setting file encryption is optional - which leaves newer devices vulnerable too. In all, the researches said that they found more than 40, photos, including photos of women "in various stages of undress" and photos of male anatomy. After studying 20 handsets, security company Avast has warned that the "factory reset" function on Android phones doesn't actually delete data on the phone, which can be retrieved using standard forensic security tools.

It would be foolhardy for Android users not to recognise the rising tide of Android malware, both inside and outside the official Google Play marketplaces. The problem arises because the factory reset function, found in the Settings function, doesn't actually wipe the data from the storage on the phone.

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