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The Naked Underground

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The underground Naked

Francesca - Like most biologists he grew up loving the great outdoors as far away from the effects of people as he could get. But unlike many others his passion for evolution and studying natural tge has steered him back towards the cranes and undrground of the NNaked jungle. So much so in fact that he has written a book in which he outlines the amazing Nakked that nature adapts right in front of us in urban environments. Menno - In cities, evolution goes really really fast so you can actually watch evolution take place over a time span of decades, sometimes even years, and that makes evolution really tangible and I think that's a really good way to show that evolution is a very mundane process really, you don't need to study fossils you don't need to go to the Galapagos to see it happening, it's happening everywhere all the time including in your own street and in your own backyard.

Menno - The city blackbirds have shorter beaks, in some cities they also have shorter intestines. They don't migrate anymore, the forest blackbirds, which still exist of course, they do migrate away during the winter, the urban blackbirds don't. Take the famous example of bluetits in the UK who learned to peck open the milk bottles left outside people's front doors.

That was learned behavior. When would it represent an evolutionary shift. Well it depends on whether genetics are involved. So so undeerground curious about new things and also for tolerance towards humans. Those are all things which have a genetic basis. And by it's believed that a full 10 per cent of land on Earth will be covered by a city of some sort. We've never before had a situation where a single species - namely humans - is affecting the ecosystems of the world everywhere, and in such a drastic way. Again whether we like it or not we are witnessing a very important, unprecedented crucial change in the history of life on Earth and we should be studying that.

Another is the risk of human-made tremors caused by the build-up of pressure underground, known as induced seismicity.

Scientists in a project called ENOS are conducting research at five test sites across Europe to examine some of the issues facing carbon storage. Running until Septemberthe project will use a variety of underground and surface-level sensors to monitor the wells and look for any gas that could be leaking out into the nearby water supply. ENOS will also use geophysical sensors to monitor any seismic activity, such as tremors, caused by injecting CO2. The idea is that if we know how these tremors are caused, this could then help with the selection of future carbon storage sites that pose minimal risk.

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At two more sites in the UK and in Sardinia, Italy, which are due to begin injecting soon, ENOS will also conduct experiments Nakfd understand how overlying rocks or faults — places undergroujd the underbround where rocks slip past each other - contribute to leakage. These experiments are designed to help build better detection tools and select safe sites. Uhderground to Stead, ENOS has been holding meetings with local communities near the test sites to answer their questions and explain how the technology works. Full cycle While ENOS is still testing the safety of carbon storage, another project called CarbFix2 in Iceland is demonstrating how to capture, transport and store carbon permanently as a mineral.

This builds on an earlier project that tested how to capture and inject CO2 into rock formations. The project, which began in Augustwill run for three and a half years and is taking place at the Hellisheidi geothermal power plant near the Icelandic capital Reykjavik. Here, CO2 is being captured from the plant, transported via pipelines and then stored hundreds of metres underground.

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