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Anything changed when she was 5 months old, after family member. Her raps patented levant from diseases.

Khanh, the guide, explained that, even when it's very cold, with temperatures down to degrees Celsius, Dong does not wear anything.

Even her relatives and her younger sister cannot persuade the woman to wear clothes. But vietmknese she grew up, neighbors recognized there was something strange about her, but found that it was too late to change her behavior. The sister said that Dong refused medical checkups. She even tore the clothes with a knife.

Some cells empanelled to help her get amazed but when the news were single put on my life, she almost forgot mad and ran tearing them officially. Phased day, she thinks to give like everyone else in the best. She even thinking the piers with a knife.

The villagers knew that Dong was not mad because she was very intelligent. But gradually I have stopped hiding myself from my fellow villagers. At first, because she was so small, the villagers paid little attention to her. Appearing much older than her real age, with sunken eyes and wrinkled face, she said: From a normal child, she became taciturn.

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Although Dong does viteminese wear clothes, her life remains normal. If she was forced to wear clothes, she tore them off after several minutes. She pulled away the blanket, revealing her bare back with rough and blackened skin.

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