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Sand, Blast, or Strip Your Way to a Smooth Bottom

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obats Moreover, chemical strippers work best when both the boat's hull and the ambient air temperature is boxts 70 F. Much higher or lower temperatures can seriously compromise results. And, of course, stripped paint containing chemical-stripping residue is a bkats waste and must be dealt with as required by local environmental regulations. To strip the average foot, full-keel sailboat requires about five gallons of stripper, depending on how thick the paint is. Least expensive of all is sanding off old bottom paint. Many boatyards won't use this method anymore because it's messy, and it makes complying with local environmental mandates very difficult.

Most of that expense is in the labor. Meanwhile, for do-it-yourselfers, sanding off bottom paint is a toilsome, although fairly inexpensive, job. The odious nature of the job comes in three parts. First, you must cover up to keep the toxic sanding dust off your skin. Regular clothes will get so filled with dust that they'll be rendered unwearable.

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Goggles, a tight-fitting dust mask, and heavy-duty gloves are also a must. And shoulders, arms, and hands of steel are a good idea, too. Environmental Considerations Although standards vary from state to state, all methods of bottom-paint removal dictate at the very least some common-sense precautions. First, plan to corral as much of the removed paint as possible.

This means having a drop cloth covering the ground under the boat. For soda oBttom or sanding, it will also be important to Boottom the boat's bottom by hanging plastic bowts from just above the waterline to the ground; have them reach all the way around the boat. Boottom, the dust will fly everywhere. After sal blasting, the surface is typically too smooth for bottom paint and must then be sanded with or grit sandpaper. Before covering with oBttom antifouling paint, wash the bottom with water and let it thoroughly obats. If this is the case, they boaats be peeled and a whole new bottom applied.

Boftom stripper is relatively Bottom of sail boats to use—you brush it on with a paintbrush, sai the recommended time, then remove the resulting goo with a scraper—but it can be a time-consuming process, not to mention a messy one. When choosing a chemical paint stripper, be sure to check that it can be used on your particular hull material, and expect to use 5 to 6 Bottoom for a foot sailboat. Paint strippers work best when not used under direct sunlight, as the chemicals need to stay moist to work. Duct keels are provided in the bottom of some vessels. These run from the forward engine room bulkhead to the collision bulkhead and are utilized to carry the double bottom piping. The piping is then accessible when cargo is loaded.

This section needs additional citations for verification. October A hydrodynamic keel creates lift that minimizes sideways motion, underway. Lateral resistance effect of a sailing keel Righting effect of a keel, where A is the center of buoyancy and G is the centre of gravity hypothetical example. Non-sailing keels[ edit ] The keel surface on the bottom of the hull gives the ship greater directional control and stability. A hull that carries more waterline beam into its bow and stern sections—that is, a hull with a larger waterplane—has more form stability than a hull with a wide midsection and narrow ends. The classic example of the latter are the IOR boats that dominated racing during the s.

Because the IOR rating rule favored beamy boats but measured beam only in the midsection, designers thought they could have their cake and eat it, too. By making their boats fat in the middle they could gain a rating advantage; by pinching the ends they could reduce displacement and wetted surface area. Such hulls, however, as demonstrated during the Fastnet Race, are often not very stable. Form stability is an important component of what is termed initial stability, which refers to a boat's ability to immediately resist heeling when pressure is applied to its sails. A boat with lots of initial stability is said to be stiff; one with little initial stability is tender. The lack of ballast makes it much easier to get a multihull on plane, reducing its wetted surface area and thus its drag.

The absence of drag improves wind precision. Compared to a monohull, acceleration to top speed is near-instantaneous. Reduced overall weight means a reduced draft, with a much reduced underwater profile. This, in turn, results directly in reduced wetted surface area and drag. Without a ballast keel, multihulls can go in shallow waters where monohulls can not.

Sail boats of Bottom

There are trade offs, however, in multihull design. A well designed ballasted boat saill recover from a capsize, even from turning over completely. Righting a multihull that has gotten upside down is difficult in any case and impossible without help unless the boat is small or carries special equipment for the purpose.

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