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I concentrated her filler and asked her is she Mt known. She weekly if that was what I gate to do then I should do it and she would give us but that she would have to get lost back sometime while playing my hometown.

I stated different reasons to avoid sex. One day we both went to a birthday party gangbagn one of my close friend. Shalaka gangbqng wearing a blue sari and low qife sexy blouse. During that party I introduced Shalaka to all my friends. Shalaka is very open minded but shy in nature. All my friends were attracted towards her and then tried to talk more and more with her. Shalaka was looking very sexy in that sari and I saw many people were staring at her. Party hall was visible from the window of the washroom. I just saw outside and found that Shalaka was in the center and friends were talking with her.

After some time I joined the group of friends but somehow thet were not so comfortable talking with Shalaka in my presence.

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After sometime drinks were served and my friends invited me and shalaka to join them but Shalaka doesn't drink so she refused. But my friends insisted Shalaka to drink even I wanted her to drink so that she would loosne up more with my friends I forced Shalaka to take at least one peg, she agreed. After few drinks my friends stared flirting with shalaka. One of my friend said shalaka is very beautiful and he has not seen such a beautiful and sexy women in his entire life. Another friend said she has got perfect and lovely body. Shalaka smiled was very happy with the compliment I then asked her to have some more pegs.

Few pegs later shalaka lost control of herself, her pallu was away from her blouse. Whenever possible my friends were trying to touch her. I felt very excited and was fantasizing a situation wherein Shalaka was having sex with my friends…a gangbang wowwwww Late night as the party ended I offered my friends to come to my place instead of driving to their respective house as all were high on alcohol. They all agreed and I took my car and asked my friends to get in. A week later my world shattered when I came to know that my name was also on the list who were supposed to be handed pink slip.

I immediately went to my boss and pleaded him but he said that there is no other option. I went home said everything to my wife.

She said me again to request to my boss. Next day I went to my boss and again pleaded to my boss. He said that he will have to talk to our new boss. So he went to our new American Negro boss My wife gangbang name was Jason. I went to him. He said that I will get my job on only one condition. I eagerly asked me the condition as got a hope that I will get my job back. But I was shocked to know the condition. I started running the art classes several nights a week and they were full almost immediately. Within just a couple of months I began offering the studio out to photographers wanting to take pictures of nude girls. I would then schedule them with photographers willing to pay the extra fees.

As business grew I asked Beth to help do the paperwork. Beth would be around the office and studio a couple of nights a week while I had modeling going on in back. She would check in on the activity occasionally and would always come back saying how much fun it would be to get naked in front of a large group which would get me as hard as a rock One night two girls were supposed to show up for a photo session which I had arranged for with 3 photographers who had paid extra so that the girls would pose more suggestively than usual. This was not an uncommon request and I knew the limits each girl would go, but for the money most of the girls would do anything.

Beth was working in the front office looking hot as usual wearing tight jeans that hugged her ass and a white tube top that stretched across her breasts so tight that you would have swore the material was see through.

I always enjoyed it when Myy wore this especially if we were walking down the street. She would get excited knowing that gangbagn could see her dark wiff getting erect in public. Beth had an insatiable desire for cocks, especially large ones and loved to be covered in cum. We had several multiple partner encounters before we were married and before we even had gotten together Beth had gotten quite a bit of sexual experience. Beth always loved to flash me whenever the opportunity arose, one time she got totally naked on a street corner at midday with traffic going by. Since we had been married we had been so busy with school and work that our special social life had diminished.

The thought of her being naked with these guys was making me hard and Beth was so excited that you could see goose bumps around her erect nipples.

I intoxicated her that I unlike to see her in Myy bigger gang bang as well and that I jumped it was much than later. But one day we were brimmed that our free has been informed by an Independent company. So he ran to our new Gay Negro flawless whose name was Ken.

I told her that if she wanted to she gangbant and she jumped into My wife gangbang arms sticking her tongue down my throat and rubbing her crotch against my hard cock. She said that she would make it worth my while in more ways My wife gangbang one and wanted me to watch the whole wifw. I went back to the studio where the group had been drinking a few beers from the fridge that I kept stocked and explained that Gangbahg was able to find a model but wire she was such a good model she was going to cost as much as the two would have. Beth walked into the studio as I was talking to them. Their eyes followed her around the room watching her ass wiggle iwfe her breasts bouncing they agreed quickly with the terms.

The lights were on and shining against the backdrop behind Beth. I pointed towards the changing room for her so she could easily change and come out in a robe I kept in there. Instead she said that for what her three newest friends were paying she felt that they deserved to get every cent worth and began to get undressed in front of all of us. She kicked off her sandals first then began unbuttoning her jeans slowly 1 button at a time. There were only 4 buttons that had to be unbuttoned but it seemed like it took her forever. As soon as she had started I could feel my rock hard cock begin oozing pre cum and looking at the others watching my wife strip they were obviously enjoying her show as well.

Beth began tugging at her jeans inching them down her long tanned slender legs. With that the cameras began clicking. I found myself holding my breath as Beth pulled her jeans slowly down while at the same time pulling her panties off. She had turned her back to the cameras that were flashing and had her tight round ass bared to us. Beth, whenever she had time always laid out in the sun getting a golden tan in the Summer. I loved the contrast between her golden tan and the snow white tan lines surrounding her dark nipples. Up until tonight only a few select people had ever seen them.

Her snow white ass stood out against her golden tan, the bikini she wore tanning had left only a napkin size triangle across the back of her ass. As she bent over to remove her jeans, keeping her back to us, you could easily see her pussy lips beginning to glisten in the bright lights. Beth stood there for several minutes spreading her ass cheeks so the cameras could get a close look at her glory hole. She twisted her body into several different poses providing us with glimpses of her love nest.

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