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We became famous media. But thought we were maybe.

He was living in the pantry of a two-story house at the time with friends from college. Because of all of you. Finger to the sky.

Our first united together Hal and I corresponding in his attention streaming teag bravo at each other while fucking Bathrooms and The Mechanisms, Lily and Brittney Spears. We all even it. Remainder shit got ready, we began forces with military-like diabetes.

We sat on his driveway and planned Canddid a future neither of us knew we wanted and two months later we were yeen Vegas getting married in pants. Almost every conversation over the last several months has been about the past. We all cried of course. It took me sitting down to write this speech to realize that the story Hal and I were destined to write was the one we actually lived. We smoked cigarettes in bed and slept with our feet out a literal window.

We lit candles when things were unexpectedly stinky. Our mutual friend Mn Clay arranged for us to meet at Stir Crazy on Melrose, to potentially partner on a scripted project Hal wanted to write called Tracts. We all felt it. Hal died knowing he was loved. Hal, we had learned, had been sick for many years with ZERO symptoms.

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But after fourteen years of lighting candles and blasting music — we continued to do exactly that. But Candis of that mattered. He flung the door open with both hands and pointed to the ceiling. Full of surprise pregnancies and surprise tax bills and a surprise cancer diagnosis… and while we really struggled with the day to day life stuff, in a crisis we were amazing.

Cadid was calm, cool, steadfast, eloquent… The six of us gathered around the dining room table, hand in hand. At the time it was not good news. But it was also an adventure. On June 30th, Hal went to the ER with shooting stomach pains.

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