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Alex is 25 years old about 5'5", nice pouty lips, always tanned, very slim lbs with a firm set of 36DD's that would make your head spin! She was wearing a tight white tight top with a noticable black bra underneath that was struggling to keep her breasts from popping out. Getting back to my story, my girlfriend was out of town and Alex paid me a visit on a Saturday evening. I had absolutely no problem with that I thought to myself!

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I would sometimes get caught staring at her cleavage but she would just giggle and ask me if I wanted Tefn get a better look. Twen sister Alex would always hang around with us and call me up to get together every so often when her sister was out of town. Now I insist that Alex comes over whenever I am alone. I was I couldn't believe how excited she had gotten me! I grabbed the sides of her boobs and squeezed together even more as she licked the top of my dick on each thrust.

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