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6 Tricks for How to Shave Your Bikini Area

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The land down under. Whatever you call your lady parts, we know it can get fuzzy down there. Set the Stage by Trimming First Razors are designed for shorter hair, so start your pubic hair removal by trimming the pubic area if necessary. You can use a trimmer we suggest trying Braun Bikini Trimmer for great conveniencescissors, or an electric shaver. This will help prevent hair from getting clogged in the blades and make it easier to shave the area. Shower or bathe in warm water for at least two minutes, or better yet, do your entire bathing routine before shaving to really maximize soaking time.

This will help soften the hairs for an easier and more comfortable glide. Lather up for a Smooth Glide To make the pubic hair removal as smooth as possible, just lather up with a shave prep! Shave gels not only smell great, but it they also create a protective layer between the blades and your skin for an oh so seamless, smooth glide. Shave gels such as the Gillette Satin Care Sensitive.

This undo has also been lindspeedos. Use a small or a typical show scrub to get rid of the whole skin that is now searching.

We recommend the Gillette Satin Care Sensitive as it comes with a triple lubricant formula to help protect against nicks and cuts, and also a splash of aloe for sensitive skin and areas. Pull the Bikkini taut to allow the blades to glide as close to the skin as possible. Keep in mind that the skin down there is sensitive so use as few strokes as possible. We recommend the Gillette Venus Swirl, as it has 5 blades to ti shave in fewer strokes, and a flexiball to contour to tricky areas like the bikini zone. Rinse, Dry, Lie — and Style! Save shaving Bikini line shaving tip the end of your shower or bath, after you've already shampooed your hair and done everything else you need to do.

Skipping this step could result in razor burn and a lot of discomfort. If you have time, exfoliate the skin in the area as well. This prevents the occurrence of ingrown hairs after shaving. Part 2 Shaving the Hair 1 Lather up the area with shaving cream or body wash. It is essential to make sure the hair and the skin underneath it are well-lubricated before you start shaving. Otherwise, razor burn will definitely be an issue. There's really no such thing as using too much lubricant, so go ahead and lather up the entire area. Keep the bottle nearby in case you need more. You may want to rinse it away every once in a while to see how much progress you have made, then reapply to keep shaving.

Experts say that shaving in the same direction of hair growth results in less skin irritation. Use one hand to hold the skin in the area completely tight, since this helps the razor do its job effectively. With the other hand, start shaving away the hair, applying just a little pressure for a nice close shave. Keep going until you've shaved the entire area you planned to clear.

It is completely up to you; do snaving makes the job easier for you. Some people find it more difficult to get a close shave when they shave in the direction as hair growth ttip of going against the grain. If you're finding it hard to take the hair off, try going at the hair sideways. As a last resort go against the grain. There are other measures you can take to prevent skin irritation. There is no need to go over the same spot after you have taken off the hair. If the area is hair-free, let it be so you do not risk irritating the skin.

Line tip Bikini shaving

If you're satisfied you got everything, don't worry about this step, but if this is your first time shaving your bikini area you might want to double check to see if you like the results. Put on your bikini bottoms and check yourself out, then get back in the shower and shave any parts you might have missed. Use a washcloth or a gentle body scrub to get rid of the dead skin that is now exposed. This simple step will go a long way toward preventing ingrown hairs and other irritating side effects of shaving, so don't skip it!

For people with sensitive skin, a few extra precautions may be in order. Many people find using some witch hazel or other skin toner helps reduce or eliminate any razor burn. Use a cotton ball or clean washcloth to dab some witch hazel or another gentle toner over the area you shaved.

It will reduce inflammation and keep the area feeling Biikni and cool. Note that this will sting or burn if you have cut yourself--be careful! Yip your bikini area thoroughly can avoid or reduce follicle irritation. Yip the area thoroughly with a hairdryer set on medium or low. If there is only a hot setting be sure to be careful to keep it a distance away from your crotch--you do not need or want to blast yourself with hot air there! If you do not have a hair dryer, or perhaps, explain to others why you are blow-drying your crotch! If the skin gets dry or flaky, it will feel uncomfortable and irritated.

You will also increase the risk of getting unsightly bumps or ingrown hairs. Apply a moisturizer all over the area you shaved, and keep the area moisturized for at least a few days after shaving.

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