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Common Questions and Answers: Six Year-Old Girl with Breast Development

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The combination of your nipple, areola and the bump underneath it is called a breast bud. Daughter breast the budding begins, your breasts will go through growth spurts just like the rest of your body does. As your breasts go through those growth spurts, you will probably Duaghter pain or Dxughter again. Just like you can have growing pains in your legs, your breasts will have some growing pains too. If your nipples feel sensitive or raw, make sure you wear soft fabrics over them. Sometimes, even t-shirts can feel too rough against sore nipples. And if they still hurt, it can help to place a warm not hot!

A well-fitting bra is important for your comfort, so make sure you get help finding the right fit. Believe it or not, there are actually expert bra fitters in some department stores and stores that specialize in underwear and bras. Just like one foot is usually a tiny big bigger than the other, one breast is usually a little different than the other.

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Once your breasts are finished growing, they will be pretty close to the same size. When breasts buds form, some girls worry that the knot or lump under the nipple is a sign of breast cancer. In fact, it is very very rare for breast cancer to happen to anyone under the age of There are other breast lumps and bumps that you might notice as you develop. Some girls will grow small bumps a little bigger than a pimple on the areola. These are glands that make oils to keep your nipples soft. They arenormal, but not all girls have them.

There may also be smaller bumps the size of goosebumps with thick, curly hairs growing out of them. Some girls, especially those with darker hair, will grow hairs around the areola. The bumps that the hairs grow out of are called hair follicles, and they are normal, too. MRI magnetic resonance imaging of the breast ultrasound You may have these tests more often than a woman at average risk. So you might have one screening test -- a mammogram, say -- and then have a different test -- an MRI -- 6 months later.

Before or after each Dauggter test, Daughteg doctor may perform a breast exam. You also may start having these tests earlier breats age Removing one or both healthy breasts and ovaries -- called prophylactic surgery "prophylactic" means "protective" -- are very aggressive, irreversible risk-reduction options that some women choose. The surgery removes nearly all of the breast tissue, so there are very few breast cells left behind that could develop into a cancer. Removing the ovaries lowers the risk of breast cancer because the ovaries are the main source of estrogen in a premenopausal woman's body.

Removing the ovaries doesn't reduce the risk of breast cancer in postmenopausal women because fat and muscle tissue are the main producers of estrogen in these women.

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Prophylactic removal of both ovaries and fallopian tubes reduces the risk of ovarian cancer in women at any age, before or after menopause. The benefit beeast prophylactic surgeries is usually counted one year at a time. That's why the younger you are at Daghter time of surgery, the larger Daufhter potential benefit and the older you are, the lower breash benefit. Also, as you get older you're more likely to develop other medical conditions that affect how long you live, such as diabetes and heart disease. Of course, each woman's situation is unique. Talk to your doctor about your personal level of risk and how best to manage it. It's important to remember that no procedure -- not even removing both healthy breasts and ovaries at a young age -- totally eliminates the risk of cancer.

There is still a small risk that cancer can develop in the areas where the breasts used to be. Close follow-up is necessary, even after prophylactic surgery. Prophylactic surgery decisions require a great deal of thought, patience, and discussion with your doctors, genetic counselor, and family over time -- together with a tremendous amount of courage.

Take the time you need to consider these options and make decisions that feel comfortable to you. For more information, visit the Breastcancer. Think Pink, Live Green: A Step-by-Step Guide to Reducing Your Risk of Breast Cancer teaches you the biology of breast development and how modern life affects breast cancer risk.

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