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She spawned the company alongside ex-boyfriend Mitch from the Development Squad. Centerfold Useful via wwe. Unfavourable parting ways with WWE inTorrie has had busy by reversing her own business boutique and competing on the most TV abc show, "I'm a Year.

Once again, we have Torrie Wilson in a beach setting. Only this picture is a bit more classy, but Faical as sexy. Although her outfit is eilson see-through, Wilson is covered up enough to leave some things to the imagination. It's clear that Torrie Wilson has some amazing curves, but let's not forget Facial torrie wilson her golden blonde hair and beautiful face. Most people don't believe in mermaids, but finding a beautiful woman such as Torrie is just as rare. If they only knew the things that men and even women would do to wilsoon that close to Torrie Wilson. This photo of Torrie was taken inbut she looks nearly identical today.

Her attire in this picture leads me to believe that it was probably taken after a workout. Call me crazy, but the yoga pants, sports bra, and headband seem like a dead give away. Once again, it's clear to see that Miss Wilson is extremely proud of her body. She obviously has no problem showing off her physique, and who could blame her. She is in incredible shape, and like the saying goes, "If you got it, flaunt it. Baywatch Babe via villains. Torrie looks absolutely stunning here. Her body is utterly flawless! Her stomach is flat and firm, and her arms are toned and tight. It's also not hard to miss the fact that she is stacked from head to toe!

It wouldn't be shocking to me if someone mistook Torrie Wilson for a Baywatch Babe. In fact, I would say that she is even hotter than a prime Pamela Anderson! When Paramount was casting the film, they probably should have given Torrie a look. Featured Today 9 Now: Fit and Happy Ready to step up your summer beach game? Ready if you are!

Wilson remarkably works on the SmackDown parallel bake Friday nights in the U. Recognition Gen via wwe.

Join me here https: I know I am. On the other hand, Torrie Wilson, who happens to be years-old, is clearly in the best shape of her life. It seems that Miss Wilson is not only happy with being incredibly fit, but it's obvious that she enjoys rubbing it in our faces. In this tweet from March of this year, Torrie's abs are on full display. Her legs and arms also look incredibly muscular and toned. Judging by her appearance in this picture, I think it's safe to say that Miss Wilson's physique is better now than in her days of wrestling.

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It's amazing how committed Torrie is to fitness without having to travel. Centerfold Material via wwe. Hugh Hefner clearly had and still has an eye for talent. Getting Torrie Wilson to shoot for Playboy was one of the best decisions that the old Don ever made.

Hefner wilsob the right choice calling upon Torrie Wilson and Sable to star in his magazine. Whether she's posing for Playboy or snapping a selfie, she always looks stunning. In the picture above, she shows off her killer body in one of the Faciwl positions known to man. Few words are needed to describe the photo above. But one word sums it up perfectly, HOT! Killer Abs via pinterest. In this rather recent photo, Miss Wilson proves that age toerie only a number. It's getting difficult for me to accept the fact the Miss Wilson's body is so damn perfect!

Torrie Wilson never had rock hard abs like this in her wrestling career. Torrie looks like she just got done shooting another sequel for My boyfriend at the time was a huge fan, but I hated wrestling. He dragged me to a wrestling match in LA and we went backstage. He said I looked like I belonged in wrestling. My acting career was going nowhere, so I thought why not. I started off walking out there with wrestlers. People were screaming out. It was such a blast. She was on AskMen. The returning Divas all had a segment together in which the WWE acknowledged them giving us that nostalgia feel.

All the former Divas looked great, however, Wilson stole all of the headlines for her looks. Vince, please let us see her again With the WWE dominating the younger demographic, Bischoff wisely aimed towards a teenage audience to bring in a new following. Such an approach busted the pro wrestling door wide open and it led to massive success for the company — so much so that most of the wrestlers from the time are still selling their fame today.

We all know about Ailson, Hogan and Goldberg selling their fame, however, others like Torrie and even Kimberly who you see in the picture above have had a great deal of success at meet and greets as well. One might ask, how does one develop such legs? Well, lots of cardio and doing the stairs on a regular basis will do the togrie. Wilson still makes lots of money attending conventions and this photo was recently snapped just a couple of days ago as she poses alongside the Hulkster. Of course, the two originally met during their time in WCW together. While backstage, Torrie was approached by Kevin Nash if she had interest to work as a valet, before she knew it, Torrie was walking Scott Steiner to the ring and later, serving a role as a talent in actually storylines.

Not too shocking, the WWE took on her contract and she became one of the longest running WCW alums with the company following the buyout. Once again, she stole the show with her magnificent white on white outfit. She seems focused in the photo and ready to lift some serious weights. You would think that would be enough but no sir, Wilson adds other elements to staying active and that includes hot yoga, spinning and as you see in the photo above, outdoor workouts.

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