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American Flyer

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Utilizing all new tooling and issued under the American Flyer name, the Mike is the first original American Flyer steam locomotive design since the late s. Initially American Flyer—aka "Chicago Flyer"—was something vimtage a budget brand, undercutting the prices of Ivesfler was at the time the market leader. Gilbert apparently ceased offering O gauge rolling stock by '47, but did continue to offer O gauge parts. Gilbert also renewed offering its HO trains shortly after the War, but aside from changing to DC motors and making the cars lighter by using plastic, the products were not updated to conform with the increasingly popular NMRA National Model Railroad Association coupler and track standards until Except for updated versions of the whistling billboard and trackage, all of the products offered in the catalog had been designed under Gilbert's ownership.

Additionally, the increased prevalence of discount stores ravaged the toy train companies' traditional distribution network i. InAmerican Flyer began offering Wide gauge electric trains at a premium price, attempting to compete with Lionel Corporation at the high end of the market. American Flyer's business grew during World War Iwhich locked out the German manufacturers that had dominated the U. Longtime train collectors and hobbyists were offended at this newer production, dismissing the new products as "cheap junk", an accurate description. Gilbert CompanyAmerican Flyer was initially an independent company whose origins date back nearly a half century earlier.

Train vintage Gilbert flyer american

During this time of joint operation, American Flyer supplied Ives with car bodies and other parts. Additional engines, cars and accessories were added in the catalog. With Louis Marx and Company dominating the low end and a handful of other brands relegated to entry level of the market, Lionel and American Flyer shared premium status.

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