Hopper bottom rail car

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6250 Covered Hopper Car

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Schafer mentions in his book its widespread use did not begin until the end of that century when iron became commonly produced. Instead, ever-interested in redundancy they found the ubiquitous boxcar, capable of handling everything from cars to bundles of paper, could do the job just as well. The Pressureaide car has many of the famous Center Flow car design features: Although, one then wonders why have drop-bottom chutes at all? They are built specifically for hauling taconite pellets iron ore which are much more dense i.

Bottom rail car Hopper

Widespread use of the covered hopper for weather-sensitive products did not begin until after World War II, particularly during the s and s. The car can be equipped with any series of loading hatches and discharge outlets depending upon your handling requirements. As the years go by the hopper car will undoubtedly become larger and more sophisticated. Designed to operate with standard positive displacement blowers, this car may be used with equipment compatible with pressure sleds.

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caf Today, aside from the freight already mentioned the car carries flour, plastic pellets, potash fertilizerfishmeal, and soybeans. Hoppre is widely used and one of the most common cars you will see moving within a train. This is the hatch of choice for this size car and is suitable for loading a wide range of general service commodities. If desired, alternate types of hatches are available to adapt to your specific loading system or product. Surprisingly, though, railroads were slow to use the covered hopper for this particular purpose.

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