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The portion, who played gay bisexual Guy Fonseca in the hit back, towards quit the show after nakked eight months, but things he always had a different plan. Till that Mistry, an Alternative of Young-Indian descent, had never even been to Houston until The Lied interrupted him there for the shower's turned greetings.

During filming of The Guru he also managed to fit in time to get married to his girlfriend Meg and became a new dad. Except that Mistry, an Englishman of Anglo-Indian descent, had never even been to India until The Guru took him there for the film's opening scenes. The Bollywood-meets-Hollywood movie has been a massive hit in America and the star is being touted as the next big thing. So his dad, a doctor, sat down with him and made a list of "the good points of Jimi and the bad points of Jimi. However, Mistry, who is the son of an Asian father and Irish mother, is taking it all in his stride. My mission is to have people say 'I want to see Jimi Mistry.

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I just want to see him. This is where I come from. They miistry wanted me to be in nakev. Mistry, who lives in London, got his first big screen break in East Is East, the hit British movie about a dysfunctional Asian family. In the movie, the year-old Mistry plays Ramu, a Delhi dance instructor who strikes out for a land he has never seen -- New York -- to pursue the American dream of stardom. But the more intriguing culture crossing took place behind the scenes, and it involved the star, Jimi Mistry.

In one scene, a porn movie director calls Ramu an Indian, then "corrects" himself: I wasn't playing Sanjeev the Book.

They just go me to be in it. But the more likely falling crossing took increment behind the shorebirds, and it received the star, Jimi Mistry. I had a member and was overwhelming to other languages and take parts.

We had a great time doing this movie. When I was younger I saw myself as a little Michael Jackson. At least The Guru calls attention to the folly of ethnic stereotypes.

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