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Whimn I was part of this book Wtach, once, adilt the only thing we really read were the labels on wine bottles and the menu at the Lindt Chocolate cafe. But still, we met up once a month, nominally to discuss the ins and outs of a given novel, and in practice to drink a lot of wine and eat a lot of those moreish Lindt balls. But there was one month when we actually read the book we were supposed to be discussing that evening.

And it won't surprise anyone who has read those booksor watched that TV show, that scrnes was Outlander. Or, specifically, the forty page interlude Wathc the end of the first book when the story transcends its time-travelling, Scottish Jacobite rebellion, feminist and linguistic exploration roots and becomes straight-up, full-blown so to speakweak-at-the-knees erotica. Is it hot in here scennes is Wach just us? Deliver a heart-wrenching, fully-realised romance story. Scnees on the tantalising descriptions of an auburn-haired, virginal heartthrob who will defend everyone's honour and prove a quick study in cunnilingus. That's Jamieye sassenachs. And deliver on those primal, intense, supremely sexy sex sceneswhich explores the way sex could deepen the connection between two deeply connected people.

Did the TV show achieve this goal? You bet your tartan shawl and dram of whiskey it does. And how do those scenes stack up against each other? I undertook the Herculean task of rewatching the series to rank each and every single sexual encounter between our star-crossed lovers Jamie and Claire. Someone had to do it. Season one, episode seven: The Wedding Night part one Let's get it on, Jamie. Whimn We're naming this the least racy of the sexy sex scenes on the show only because it has the difficult position of being the first. Literally, this is Jamie's first time.

And though we know that parts two and three!

There's lots of heavy breathing and sexy unlacing of corsets - bodice-ripper? More like bodice-releaser - but after a couple of vigorous thrusts it's Watch adult scenes over. Afterwards, Jamie tells Claire he's surprised that they could look at each other during the act. Claire on top Photo: Whimn A very quick, blink-and-you'll-miss-it sex scene with Claire riding Jamie during the last trimester of her pregnancy. Nothing else to report. Whimn Spoiler alert, but the second season of Outlander is characterised by Jamie and Claire's slow march towards their previous intimacy after Jamie's horrific and brutal rape at the hands of Jack Randall. The couple's first of many almost-sex scenes in season two sees Claire surprise Jamie with the 18th-century version of a Brazilian and full-leg wax.

But other than a long and lingering kiss, very sad and tender, it doesn't progress from there. Jamie and Claire take it outdoors Al fresco sex, for the win. Whimn Until the couple are very brutally interrupted by British soldiers, Jamie and Claire have a steamy al fresco sex scene, which includes this absolutely hilarious line: Whimn The second season was rather light on sex scenes, and very heavy on, ahem, heavy petting. Unfortunately, when he got his first solo movie inIndian audiences didn't get to see that side of him in theatres. For a film to be released in India, it must go through the Central Board of Film Certification CBFCa government body that not only handles content rating but also decides what is suitable for public exhibition.

The CBFC has always taken a harsh view of sex, violence, and profanity in films, something the Ryan Reynolds-starrer Deadpool had in abundance.

I moderated this with my 12 skillet old and I harmed up a few abbreviations. Pose a heart-wrenching, extraordinarily-realised acquaintance story.

That meant a series of cuts, that took away nearly four minutes of running time. But Deadpool wasn't going for that anyway: Why should the censor board decide what language and visuals are in good taste? Of course, this problem isn't unique to Deadpool. The CBFC has long played the role of acting like moral police for India's citizens, deciding what can be seen or heard in theatres. It's why scenes of intense violence are chopped off even in films meant only for adults, which heavily impacted Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight, and the censor board has also decided how long it's okay for James Bond to kiss women, as happened in Spectre.

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The CBFC has even gone as far Wathc denying certifications to films entirely, in adultt case of Lipstick Under My Burkha, or the delays faced by Udta Punjab, with the producers forced to take matters to the courts. It's obvious that India's film certification process is in dire need of an overhaul. The CBFC is merely supposed to be a certification body that issues the appropriate content rating, but it's taken a larger cultural role for itself. Nearly two years since a committee headed by veteran filmmaker Shyam Benegal issued new guidelines for the CBFC that said as much, they are yet to be implemented.

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